Introducing ADvance – Ad Effectiveness Measurement from Critical Mix

advance-news-in4Westport, CT – May 17, 2018 – Critical Mix, a global data and insights company, announced today the launch of ADvance. ADvance is a digital ad effectiveness measurement tool designed to help market researchers and digital marketers maximize ad campaign performance. The solution leverages Critical Mix’s expansive global online survey community combined with customized technological methods to collect and analyze results of digital advertising campaigns in real-time.

ADvance provides customers with insights to understand the effectiveness of their online advertising initiatives. The service can track key brand metrics such as brand awareness, purchase intent and campaign analytics such as impressions and frequency. The data collected is reported and displayed in a user-friendly, interactive dashboard with customized filters to quickly analyze results.

“Our goal is to give our customers simplified solutions to achieve marketing objectives and boost ROI,” said Keith Price, Co-CEO at Critical Mix. “ADvance delivers a fast and cost-effective tool to evaluate the impact of advertising expenditures. The built-in flexibility lets customers measure, adjust and improve in real-time to maximize campaign performance,” he added.

In addition to ADvance providing key campaign and survey analytics, added behavioral insights on exposed and control panelists are available through the company’s partnership with InfoGroup. InfoGroup’s rich data set provides access to up to 900-plus data elements on panel members for further analysis on important factors of campaign results.

Margit Kittridge, Critical Mix’s Vice President, Digital Products, commented, “I’m excited to be a part of Critical Mix’s first-ever ad tracking infrastructure on our digital product roadmap. Leveraging the company’s access to first-party data, ad-tech best practices and the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) industry standards will support these turn-key solutions to meet our customers’ goals.”

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