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An enterprise-level technology company, specializing in digital products and services, needed insight into their consumer base to successfully reposition themselves in the marketplace. These insights would inform the customer’s rebranding efforts and help them create a more modern, user-friendly experience.

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Case Study Overview

The objective was to reposition the company’s platform as “The Place” that apparel and home durables companies turned to in order to grow brand equity and ad revenue. To do this, the company required data-fueled insights directly from its consumers. The customer was looking for a partner with a consultative and comprehensive approach to their needs, so they decided to work with Critical Mix to carry out this project.

The strategy was to create a solution that could address the complex demands of the customer’s digital platform and simplify the data into actionable insights. For survey programming, access to global target audiences, and custom data, the customer leveraged CMIX, Critical Mix’s all-in-one global insights platform.

The Critical Mix team also recommended that the customer make their core focus establishing benchmarks for the current brands within the platform. Once established, the findings would assist in measuring the improvements each brand needed to make for their respective consumer base. This strategy would provide each brand with an evidence-based recommendation that appealed to its specific audience.

We established the necessary KPIs to measure brand equity within the platform:

Critical Mix then issued a census-balanced survey to generate actionable insights within two weeks, cutting the deadline in half.


Using Critical Mix’s intuitive data visualization tool to organize and display results, the customer was able to analyze and disseminate survey feedback to its key stakeholders managing the campaign.

The data revealed crisp insights, addressing the customer’s specific concerns with the ad stimulus. Critical Mix’s study resulted in a confident recommendation of the best business decision to move forward in less than 7 days.

Critical Mix & Your Business

Critical Mix’s collaborative solutions make it seamless to find global target audiences, program engaging surveys, view data, and get high-quality insights needed to make smarter business decisions, and sometimes, prevent brand image disasters.

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