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Insights Simplified

Our collaborative solutions make it seamless to find global target audiences, program engaging surveys, view data and get the high-quality insights needed to make smarter business decisions.


Critical Mix makes it easy to access the people you need to reach on the devices they use most often. Mobile-rich features, such as Gesture-based surveys, Geo-location, and in-the-moment data capture are built into our insights tools, offering modern solutions for building interactive, mobile-first communities and collecting stated and behavioral data.

Our mobile solutions provide deeper insights into the consumer journey and path to purchase, create a more engaging experience for survey participants, and deliver more representative audiences and more reliable insights.

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Global Panels


Critical Mix has established itself as a leader in online sampling by providing high-quality global online consumer, business and health-related samples. Companies around the world rely on our online panels to inform marketing decisions, publish university case studies, conduct political polling, develop public and private investment strategies, and even to construct defence strategies in legal cases.


Mixers, the people who work here, are devoted, thoughtful, passionate and one-of-a-kind. Together, we are on a mission to simplify the complex. We have created an environment that encourages and rewards excellence, creative problem solving, innovation and commitment. Mixers are driven to succeed and have the freedom to inspire greatness. Learn what it’s like to be a part of Critical Mix.

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